The Ethereum Developer Course is aimed at developers who want to learn how to build decentralised applications. 

We recommend that you: 

  • have a good understanding of OOP (Solidity, the language used to create smart contracts, is object oriented).

  • have a working understanding of HTML and have created Javascript UI native, React or Angular.

  • For JavaScript, please look into the Promise pattern and object implementation, it is used for asynchronous computations and relevant for our course: i.e. look at this video Promises in JavaScript

  • have at least a basic understanding of virtualisation (we use VirtualBox in the course) and the Linux command-line.

  • are fluent in the use of Git as a way of exchanging and collaborating on code.

  • And last but not least be familiar with CLI interface for Linux (Shell scripting). Since you'll use it a lot during the course.

Generally you will benefit most from this course if you already have a good understanding of computing paradigms and have active development experience of at least a year.

If any of the above does not describe you but you want to enrol anyway, be prepared to spend more time every week.

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