Absolutely, B9lab offers different training packages for companies:

4-day Intensive Training
If you would like to bring your time up to speed quickly you can hire our experienced technical instructors for a 4-day intensive training in your offices.
Participants learn the theory and practice of blockchain network, how to build smart contracts, set up and use private networks and tie everything together into a decentralised application. The 4-day course covers a large part of the 12-week online course, with our instructors to guide, support and assess your team.

Online Dedicated Portal
For companies with a large IT staff and a global presence we offer dedicated online portals for the members of your teams all over the world.
We provide dedicated, protected course environments for your teams, assignments tailored to your industry and full time support with the course material and your proof of concept projects.

If you would like to learn more, please get in touch via contact@b9lab.com

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