A few non-developers have contacted us because they wanted to develop decentralised applications with Ethereum.

It's a journey, it's not going to happen overnight and you'll need to put some effort to get there. Yet you asked us for a path, so below you can find one that will help you get in a position, after practising and developing these skills, to developing dApps:

You can start with the basics first:

A good course to start is an introduction about Computer Science like this one:

Then to help you write UI (User Interface) you can choose to follow one of these 2 path:

From Codeschool

OR Codecademy:

When you are comfortable with JavaScript, please look into the Promise object concept, it is used for asynchronous computations and relevant for our course:

Next you need to learn the additional concept of Object Oriented Programming (OOP), that will help you with Solidity:

There is a good programme for Object Oriented Programming in Java on Coursera from University of California, San Diego.

Also we highly recommend that you learn GIT (version control) since you will use it to share your code with other developers and with us during the course.

Another interesting exercise to do before starting the course starts is to get familiar at installing, running and deleting Virtual machine on your computer with Vagrant or Virtualbox.

And last but not least be familiar with CLI interface for Linux. Since you'll use it a lot during the course.

All the best in you discovery journey. We are looking forward to having you in the course when you feel you have mastered all of the above subjects.


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